We Develop Mobile Applications

SMARTENIT supplies world-class software development services for web and mobile devices.

We leverage the standardized methods to provide you with a clear process from the beginning to final delivery. You can cut up to 70% on your costs and speed up your product launch.


1. Prototyping

We discuss your issue until we fully perceive your intentions. We work on user scenarios and represent the overall structure of the mobile app based on the technical specifications. Sketch and define the logic of screens transitions and create a concept model of the app — describing the screens and elements. Then make the app design concept and create an interactive prototype — the visual image of the app and its functionality.

Our clients get:
• Detailed prototype based on user scenarios
• Screen flow
• Product Wireframing

2. Map and Design

We map to structure the process and plan the path to deliver your desired solution. We adjust customers’ corporate style to the platform guidelines and choose the style that fits the goals, status, and image of our client. Then create an app concept and develop the design. We design screens, elements, and onboardings and provide the necessary graphics material — icons, illustrations and photos.

Our clients get:
• Project and Sprint Planning
• App design
• UI/UX Design
• Design specifications

3. Development

We turn the Designs into finished, polished and scalable digital products. We quickly develop native apps because of the proven solutions leverage and the libraries set that we have created and kept maintained. We use iterative development methods, launch Unit- and UI-tests and create custom UI-components that make a unique app interface. We also use progressive approaches and automated development process, CI/CD.

Our clients get:
• App download file
• Showing you the code each 2 weeks
• Source code • Design specifications

4. Test and Release

We provide quality assurance at any step of app development. While the development process is ongoing, we carry out testing on real devices. We create UI-autotests and prepare test documentation — develop checklists and test-cases. Provide high-quality work of our apps. Finally, your app is ready to release and your customer is ready to enjoy it.

Our clients get:
• A ready-to-use app that fits diverse gadgets
• Checklists and test-cases for testing
• Design specifications






Mobile Application

Native Android: java, kotlin

Native ios: swift, objectiveC

Cross platform: ReactNative, Xamarin, PhoneGap, Ionic,

Framework7, OnsenUI

Deployment: Firebase, Appsee

Web Frontend

UI: Bootstrap, Foundation, Semantic, jQuery Mobile

JS: AngularJS, EmberJS, VueJS, ReactJS

CSS: Sass, Less

Testing: Mocha, Jasmine


Database: MangoDB, Sqllite, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Cassandra, Neo4j Cache: Redis, Varnish

Web server: Nginx, Apache Server, TICK Stack (Telegraf/InfluxDB/Chronograf/Kapacitor), Apache TomCat, Apache Kafka, RabbitMQ

Web framework:

– NodeJS: ExpressJS, Meteor, Keystone

– Go: Revel, Buffalo, Iris

– Java: JSF, Struts, GWT, Vaadin, Spring Stack

– Python: Django, Flask, Tornado, Pyramid

– Ruby: Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Padrino

Testing: apache JMeter, Selenium, Katalon

CI/CD: Jenkins, GitLab

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