We become a partner of yours and help you hire your motivated programmers and dedicate a team of your own developers according to your specific project requirements.

On behalf of you, we will hire an intelligent and qualified developer and provide a clear process of work with them as a teammate. Regarding that, you can cut up to 70% of your cost and speed up your project headway and its growth.


1. Discuss

We discuss your problem with you to fully perceive it through your reputations and our researches. We allocate a technical lead to check your project requirements and then start our search to find suitable developers to build up your team.
Our clients get:
• A list of their needs that we have come up with

2. Employment

After figuring out who you need, we would start our search to find the best person fitting your team. We carefully assess their speed, accuracy, intelligence and integrity and finally we hire a proper developer who meets your needs as a teammate.

Our clients get:
• A list of candidates
• Setting an appointment - if the clients wish- before hiring

3. Development

By hiring a motivated remote developers who can also attend your team sessions and meetings, we can cut considerable amount of your cost in the way of development. We supervise the whole team and report on progress daily or weekly.
Our clients get:
• Dedicated developers
• App download link
• App source code


IOS Developer

WEB Developer

Full-Stack Developer

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